Updates on System Improvement

Thank you for supporting Manga Planet!

We have updated and added the following features:

・Improvements on account management, and flow of payment management

・Addition of the ABJ mark and short description to the footer

The ABJ mark is a trademark indicating that this e-bookstore and e-book distribution service is an authorized distribution service that has been licensed for use by the copyright holder.
We will continue to release e-books with rights properly processed to contribute to the development of the manga market.

This time, we have not added any functions that directly affect readers, but we are preparing for future improvements.
We are planning another update by the end of the year, and we think it will be a feature that will make everyone happy.

Negotiations with publishers are also proceeding relatively smoothly, and we hope to announce new additions to the Manga Planet Library soon!

Although there is still room for improvement, we are working hard to provide a service that readers can enjoy to the fullest.

We thank you again for your support.

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