Update on Read Status and List Option Feature

Thank you for supporting Manga Planet!

We are pleased to announce that we have released a new Read status function and List option function.
The new function is available only to Registered User and Subscribers and makes the process of reading series manga more convenient, so please do consider giving it a try!

A brief description of the new functions are as follows:
・When browsing titles, you can now see your reading progress for each title.
・When browsing titles through list options, you can now filter titles by Read Status.
・You can now see your see how many chapters you have read in the introduction pages of each title.

These updates were planned and implemented based on the results of the Fan Feedback Survey conducted earlier on the futekiya Blog.
We have received other feedback as well and are planning to release the following features by the end of this year:

・Search function by title, author name, etc.
・Ranking based on Favorites.
・A List feature that allows you to organize your favorite works (public and private settings allowed)
・A Notes feature that consists of a rating by ★ and a comment for each work (limited to a private setting for the time being)
・Profile feature for combined management of Favorites, History, List, and Note (public and private settings allowed)

We received many opinions both for and against the Review feature. Many of them said that “they would like the feature to be supportive rather than criticizing works and manga artists” and that they would like the feature “to restrict spam and other posts that make people uncomfortable.”
We cannot easily resolve these by developing the feature. It is an issue that will be affected by the operation team’s structure and the user culture, so we would like to release the feature after careful consideration over time.

We received many other comments, some of which are difficult to implement, but we will continue to consider it valuable feedback.

We thank you again for your support.

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