Sending Gift Codes

You can use a gift code you purchased for yourself or send it as a gift to another user.
A “Send” button will appear next to unused gift codes.
Click or tap the “Send” button to send the gift code to a recipient.

When you click or tap the “Send” button, you will be brought to the “Send Gift Code” page.
Gift codes are sent to recipients as a URL, assigned to each gift code.
Click or tap on “Copy Message” to copy the message, including the URL. Paste and send this message to the recipient via e-mail, direct message, etc.

Once a gift code you have sent has been used by the recipient, the gift code will show “Gifted to *****” on the “Gift Code Management” page.
If a gift code you have sent does not show “Gifted to *****”, the gift code has not yet been used by the recipient. Please check with the recipient on the status of their gift code.
If a gift code is unused, you can resend the code as many times as you would like. You can also send the same code to other recipients. However, the gift code will be on a first-come, first-served basis and can only be used once.

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