Manga Planet Library Launch Today!

Our manga subscription service, Manga Planet Library, has officially launched today!

Manga Planet Library is a convenient online manga subscription service for officially licensed Japanese manga.

You will have unlimited access to our entire library of shonen, shojo, seinen and josei manga by simply paying a monthly fee.

By being a monthly subscriber and reading the officially licensed content on Manga Planet Library, you are supporting the entire manga industry from the artists to the publishers.

We unfortunately are starting with a select few titles but rest assured, we will be updating the Library with new stories daily.

We are also in the talks with several publishers and will be updating our collection and services frequently.

Enjoy reading manga anytime, anywhere at the monthly rate of US$6.99!

We also have a monthly subscription service specifically for boys’ love (BL) manga called futekiya Library!

Your Manga Planet Library account is connected to the futekiya Library.

You can gain full access to the futekiya Library by changing your account’s subscription settings.

For those interested in BL manga, we hope you enjoy this Library as well! Thank you!

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