Major Renewal of Manga Planet Authentication System UI and Trial Introduction of 1-week Subscription

Thank you for supporting Manga Planet!

We are happy to announce the major renewal of the Manga Planet Authentication System user interface, used to manage your Manga Planet Library and futekiya Library account and subscriptions.
Although the basic features remain unchanged, the menu section has been recategorized by function and a progress bar has been added for you to view your current status in completing each operation.
Moreover, you may now view your subscription period in addition to your subscription status.

* We are considering the idea of offering incentives based on the length of your subscription in the future.

Additionally, we are introducing the trial of a 1-week subscription plan.
Until now, you could choose between a 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month plan. We are pleased to now offer a shorter plan that you may renew weekly.
We hope you take this opportunity to subscribe with the easy-to-enjoy 1-week plan to experience the full functionality of Manga Planet Library.

* The 1-week subscription plan will be available for a limited time only. The availability period is yet to be determined, but the ability for new users to subscribe with the 1-week plan will, at some point, be suspended. Users who have subscribed with the 1-week plan during the available period will be able to remain on the plan until they cancel their subscription, even after the 1-week plan offer is suspended for new users.

* Manga Planet Library is a subscription service and as such, your contract will keep renewing automatically until you cancel your subscription.

* Users are responsible for managing their own subscription period, contract procedures, and cancellation procedures. If there has been no fault in our systems, we cannot issue refunds for any reason.

We are continuing to work on expanding content availability, improving functions, and adding new features.
We thank you again for your support.

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