Longer Subscription Plans and PayPal as a Method of Payment and Other Adjustments

Thank you for supporting Manga Planet!

After receiving many requests, we are pleased to announce that we have made major improvements to the payment function.

Long-term Subscription Plans

We will add a 3-month and 6-month plan in addition to the original 1-month plan. Long-term plans come at a discount with the following pricing.

1-month plan: US$6.99
3-month plan: US$17.99 (approx. US$5.99 per month)
6-month plan: US$29.99 (approx. US$4.99 per month)

Users who are already subscribed to Manga Planet and would like to change plans will be able to do so at the end of their current subscription plan.

PayPal as a Method of Payment

Up until now, Stripe was the only payment method for our subscription. However, we are happy to announce that we will be adding PayPal as a payment option!

Payment for all types of plans can be made through PayPal as well as Stripe.

Service fees for PayPal will be the same as for Stripe.

Furthermore, users who wish to switch from Stripe to PayPal will be able to do so at the end of their current subscription. Switching from PayPal to Stripe will also be possible at that time.

※ Users subscribed to both Manga Planet Library and Manga Planet Library
It will be possible to use different payment methods for different Libraries.
It will be possible to sign up for different plans for different Libraries.

If necessary, we have created a guide to help with the process of creating an account and subscribing to a plan.

Although there is still room for improvement, our team is working hard to provide a manga service that readers can enjoy!

We thank you again for your support!

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