Improvements to the History Feature

Thank you for supporting Manga Planet!

We have updated the History feature to make it more convenient for everyone.

Changes on the Detail Pages

・The book icon will change and the color of the row will change when you read a chapter, which makes it easier to identify which chapters you have already read.

・You can now delete your History from the Detail page using the “Remove from History” button.

Changes on the History Page

・You can view your reading progress for each title.

・You will know which titles you have completed through the red “Finished Reading” text

・You can delete titles from the History page by clicking the added button.

・You can filter the titles you’re reading on the List Options to “Still Reading Only” or “Finished Reading Only”

Please note that the History feature marks all chapters “read” up to the latest chapter you have opened in the viewer.

For example, if a title has 10 chapters and you open the 10th chapter in the viewer, even if you have not opened chapters 1 through 9, they will also be marked as “read.”

You can delete the title from your history when this occurs and start reading again.

This will be our last scheduled update for this year, but we are working hard to improve our service for your enjoyment.

We thank you again for your support. Hope you have a happy holiday season!

-The Manga Planet Team

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